Help! I’m not a pretzel. Is there a Yoga for me?
Do you wonder if yoga is for you? You may not be a 20-something pretzel; you may be someone like me in their mid-fifties whose body has challenges it didn’t have 30 years ago. Or you may be 20-something, and not a pretzel. Or any number of other situations – autoimmune disease, arthritis, round bodied, balance-challenged… Yes, yoga is for you, too.

The media feeds our impressions that yoga is only for those who are young, fit and pretzel-like… or swings just about 180 degrees indicating that you must travel to India. You walk by the magazine stand, and there’s Yoga Journal with another bendy pose done by a beautiful woman (rarely a man). Or you hear all the latest about Hot Yoga or Bikram, and know that practicing at 98 to 108 degrees is not for you. What’s a person to do?

It’s good to know that there is a solid Yogic foundation for all types of bodies with all types of issues. If the issues or medical conditions are under a doctor’s care, it is always advisable – and from this yogini – required that you gain your doctor’s approval for any type of physical activity. There are many kinds of yoga, and I’m pretty sure there’s one that would fit your needs.

The benefits of yoga are many. Stronger bones, better balance, better physical conditioning. Beyond the physical, there is meditation, Pranayama (breathwork), a deeper dive into the 8 limbs of yoga, and a deeper sense of wellness and contentment.

Where does one begin? Asking someone in the know for more information is always good. One resource is right here on my website. I’ve got quite a bit of information under the resources tab – I constantly add content, so check back every so often. Feel free to contact me as well.

To your good health and happiness!

Open hands, open heart… Namasté