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I recommend that you get your own gear. Why? Simply put, germs. Most studios make every effort to keep their mats and other props clean and in good repair. A lot of studios have now cut down on the number of mats they have in studio, and are charging a mat rental fee, typically $1 per class. That isn’t much, but will add up in no time – you can get your own mat for about $25-$30. And back to infection control. Who used the mat before you, and were they coming down with something (which oftentimes you don’t realize until you’ve got symptoms). So there are many good reasons to have your own gear.

There are a lot of local resources for purchasing mats, blocks, straps, blankets and bolsters. I recommend purchasing a 1/4″ or thicker mat – it will be more versatile. If you are tall (5’8″ +), get a longer mat(84″ instead of 72″). Straps should be at least 8 feet long, even if you consider yourself short; 10 feet is sometimes more appropriate. Having 2 straps gives greater versatility. I prefer those with D rings instead of the buckle; less muss and fuss. Get two of the larger sized blocks (4″x6″x9″) instead of one – you’ll be glad you did. Zenith Supplies on Roosevelt in Seattle, Target, Big5, Lowes and Home Depot (really!), Marshalls, TJMaxx are good places to check. You can also check with me. I work with an online yoga retailer, and sometimes put together bulk orders with excellent pricing.