DVD’s & Books

There are many websites selling yoga gear, instructional DVDs and videos, books, etc. The following are DVDs that I have personally used and can recommend. 

Yoga Mind and Body (Ali MacGraw and Erich Schiffman, 1993). Still available on VHS; DVD discontinued but may still be available used.

Shiva Rea’s DVDs. One of my favorites is Yoga Shakti (Shiva Rea, 2004). Shiva does a great job with this 2-DVD set.You can create your own practice by mixing and matching using her “yoga matrix”. This is one of my favorite DVDs.

Heavyweight Yoga: Yoga For The Body You Have Today (Abby Lentz, 2007). If you are concerned that there is no place for you in a yoga practice because your body is not lean and twisty, take heart! Abby Lentz is a large and powerful woman who has been practicing yoga for years. She is a certified yoga teacher in the Kripalu tradition, and her yoga is amazing! Highly recommended whether you are heavyweight or not.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga – Uniting Movement and Breath, Session One, and Vinyasa Flow Yoga – The Body and Beyond, Session Two (Seane Corn, 2004). These DVDs can be purchased separately or as a 2-DVD set. I love Seane Corn’s instruction. She takes it very slow and describes each pose thoroughly – how to move into it, what to concentrate on, as well as each pose’s benefits. If you are looking for excellent, thorough instruction – or if you are an experienced yogi and would like a review – these DVDs are for you.

Strength, Grace, Healing (Max Strom, 2006). Max Strom is an ERYT – a very experienced registered yoga teacher, with over 500 hours of training and a minimum of 4 years and 2000 hours of yoga teaching experience. I attended 2 of his workshops in January 2010, and loved his teaching style, which is very informative, calm, balanced, yet definitely not boring! In Strength,Grace Healing, Max has 2 beginner students and one Level 2 student, offering modifications for each pose. I am also reading Max’s new book, A Life Worth Breathing.

Yoga For Scoliosis (Elise Browning Miller, 2003). If you or a loved one has scoliosis and wonder if yoga is within reach for you, please check out Elise Browning Miller’s website and DVD (http://www.yogaforscoliosis.com/, and http://www.ebmyoga.com). Elise has scoliosis and has put together an excellent instructional DVD illustrating the 4 most common types of scoliosis. She and her 3 students – each representing a type of scoliosis – go through a series of poses with the appropriate adjustments for each. My 92-year-young mother-in-law has scoliosis. We have used this DVD to create a safe routine for her with her special set of circumstances.