The New World

The dawning of a new day!

Every morning as I open my eyes, I am greeted by the new day, and a new world – a world that is fresh with possibilities, discoveries, and opportunities to join my energies with the Divine the best way I know how.

What exactly do I mean? Well. A very good question.

I just shared the following on my Facebook page: Faith can move mountains. Doubt can create them. This is very timely, as I look at a time that has possibly opened up, a time that was specifically set for teaching Yoga as a Spiritual Practice. Enrollment numbers mean that unless something significant changes in the next day or so, I won’t be teaching this class in this form this quarter.

Interestingly, I am not really upset. For those who know me, the Pitta girl, the one who makes things happen (and is Type A, and occasionally A++), they may view that previous sentence with bemusement. “Karla will figure out how to fill the time.” Ah, that is my samskaraa, my pattern. An open space? Fill it with a To Do, an activity! However, as I use the tools I have been given by my spiritual practice, yoga practice, and 500-hour teacher training, I understand things a little differently these days. It’s a subtle shift, and a welcomed one. That shift includes a pause. Or rather, a Pause (yes, capital P). That Pause is an opportunity to stop, listen, breathe. Breath, to be inspired. Spirit. Yes, that Pause is a gift.

With the opportunity to practice what I have been learning, and indeed, what I have been preaching (no soap box, though), I continue to act as if. Act as if I am teaching on Sunday. Act as if I am learning on Sunday. Because we all teach ourselves and others each and every day. We also learn – if we remember the gift of Pause, of mindfulness – for everyone we meet is our teacher.

I will admit, I am evaluating why enrollment is low, especially with the enthusiasm of the previous class attendees, the enthusiasm of the women’s group I belong to, and the enthusiasm exhibited at a dinner I attended in mid-August. I want to learn, as I want to serve. I love to teach all my classes. I particularly love this class. It’s an opportunity to delve into the spiritual teachings of the wise ones (the Rishis) from both the yoga tradition as well as my church’s perspective. An opportunity to pass down the wisdom from the lineages to which I belong.

As I evaluate this information, I remain unfazed, The Universe has a plan for me that has my Good written all over it. Perhaps I see it, but don’t recognize it… yet. Perhaps I don’t see it yet. No matter what, it’s an opportunity for me to have faith. Faith in what I’ve learned and am learning, faith that I am moving forward with integrity. Faith.

That is what the New World is for me. Faith.

Category : Blog &Yoga Posted on September 28, 2012

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