Introduction to Yoga to establish proper form and alignment (8-class series)
Smaller private classes
Back care classes
Classes concentrating on legs, one-legged poses, hip openers, core, shoulders & arms, and more.
Basic pranayama (breath work) and meditation.
Karla has taught young bodies, more mature bodies, round bodies, stiff bodies, and bodies in between. Her youngest student is in her early teens, and her oldest student is in her late 60s.

Karla also uses Skype for private instruction. Studies have shown that people are more apt to exercise if they can join in with a group of people – and while developing a home practice is yours and yours alone, having options is always good. Skype can provide those living in remote environs access and means to participate in yoga classes in real time, or engage yoga teachers for private instruction.

The Yoga For Everyday Living two-hour workshop is designed for those who are curious about what lies beyond the physical practice of yoga – the philosophy, the yogic lifestyle, and how this approach fits in the Western world by enhancing how we live today. Helpful tips and information on developing your own home practice, resources – books, DVDs, websites, the different yoga styles and what might suit you best, plus a 45-minute asana practice designed for all levels and all abilities creates a workshop for everyone. No one is too young, too old or too anything!