Pride In You, Pride In Me

           What does pride mean? There’s the definitions that go towards arrogance, haughtiness, vanity and conceit; being especially proud of a particular quality or skill; or a feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, or the achievements of those with whom one is associated…(thank you, online dictionary).

What I’m thinking about today may not have an official definition, so this is my definition – having a fierce, honest pride in facing and working through challenges that serve to make us a better person, a person who contributes to the world, however small or large.

You may know that this is Gay Pride Week all around the world, celebrating the wonderfulness that is humanity, all inclusive, no matter what color, religion, race, creed, or sexual orientation. It is about celebrating love, all inclusive love, one of our basic human rights, along with celebrating respect for each other, another basic human right.

Walking the path of love and respect, the path of personal integrity, of inclusivity, is not always easy. No one said that it would be. This means being mindful, taking pause, thinking before speaking, acting or writing. There are days that I’m really good at all of these things, and there are days that can throw me into a tailspin, where I grasp at the life saver in the form of a friend, family member, book, memory. Oftentimes that life saver is the breath. Just. Stopping. And. Breathing. It’s like putting a foot on the floor when the room is spinning around, an anchor.

What can anchor us inside may make us proud at times. Proud that we are learning skills to make us that better human being, one who operates from integrity, inclusivity, love and respect.

When I say I’m proud of you, it’s because I’m watching you grow. Becoming response-able, responsible. Being mindful. Remembering about choice, and remembering that you can. You can choose, you can breathe, you can pause, you can reflect, and then move forward by responding responsibly.

So to my many friends from all walks of life, near and far, I am proud of you. I honor you, and love you. Be fiercely proud. Be humble. And be love.

Category : Blog &Events &Yoga Posted on June 24, 2012

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