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From “Meditations From The Mat: Daily Reflections On The Path Of Yoga,” Day 137*:

“Yoga practice gives us a daily experience of the power of connection. We come to the mat fresh from a culture that teaches us that safety is found in separation and disconnection… Deep within ourselves, we know the truth. We know that we are all connected, that we are part of something larger than ourselves.”

We can hold things in memory in many different ways. Some are strictly mind stuff – algebra formulas, for example. Most of these do not become woven into cellular memory. Those with which we become engaged – happy times with friends and family, other, sadder times – any of these things with an emotional trigger are held in the body, and yes, in the heart. I recall Kathianne talking about a broken heart. Broken and open to grief, to healing, and eventually to renewal.

This coming Monday is Memorial Day. While it is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation’s service, there are others who have given of their body and soul to raise us, teach us and love us. Remembering those significant people, as well as significant events, can bring us back to wholeness, making us more available to move forward loving and teaching others with compassion in our hearts for all, including ourselves.

Many times, we have put others’ needs before ours. Sometimes appropriately, and sometimes out of an internal, driven need. Sometimes we don’t make time to replenish our well, our reservoir. So today, we re-member, bringing ourselves back to wholeness.


… How strong you are

… How brave you are

… How compassionate you are

… How wise you are

… How full of love you are

… How connected we are


*Meditations From The Mat: Daily Reflections On The Path Of Yoga, by Rolf Gates and Katrina Kenison, an Anchor Books original

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  1. Karla
    7 years ago

    Memorial Day 2012

    I remember friends, past and current;
    those who are still friends, those who are no longer friends.
    Family who is no longer walking this earthly plane.
    I remember the joys we shared and the laughter,
    I remember the pain we also shared with each other.
    I remember the pain of letting go, and of being let go.
    I remember.

    Remembering is good, and the ability to remember is also very, very good. Not everyone has the ability to remember. Some choose to forget, and some cannot remember for many reasons – illness, substances prescribed or not, events that have taken the memories and shoved them aside.

    I still remember.
    The joys.
    The laughter.
    The pain.

    This is called Life. I thank you for being part of mine.


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