Pride In You, Pride In Me

           What does pride mean? There’s the definitions that go towards arrogance, haughtiness, vanity and conceit; being especially proud of a particular quality or skill; or a feeling of pleasure from one’s own achievements, or the achievements of those with whom one is associated…(thank you, online dictionary). What I’m thinking about […]

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In Memory

  From “Meditations From The Mat: Daily Reflections On The Path Of Yoga,” Day 137*: “Yoga practice gives us a daily experience of the power of connection. We come to the mat fresh from a culture that teaches us that safety is found in separation and disconnection… Deep within ourselves, we know the truth. We […]

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A new offering starting March 4, 2012

Intro To Yoga 8 class series at Seattle Center for Spiritual Living (CSL), March 4th to April 29th, from 1 – 2:30; early bird price $100, $120 after February 26th. This offering is part of CSL’s Wellness Ministry.   Update as of 4/1/12: The Intro series may be extended to a Basics series; schedule and pricing TBD.

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