A Tchotchke-Free Life ~ Love Remains

Wikipedia defines tchotchkes this way: “Tchotchke (pronounced /ˈtʃɒtʃkə/ choch-ka [1][2][3][4][5]) are small toys, gewgaws, knickknacks, baubles, lagniappes, trinkets, or kitsch. The term has a connotation of worthlessness or disposability, as well as tackiness.” I think back on the tchotchkes I collected as a small child, usually a souvenir from a loved one – my grandma or […]

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Creating Space For The Sacred

Creating space for the sacred in our lives is more than finding that physical space outside of ourselves. There is sacred space within, as well. Creating a space where you can honor the sacred inside of yourself can be the pause before a meal to give thanks, committing to a meditation practice, bowing to the […]

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Yoga may help treat orthopedic problems

With the costs of medical care spiraling out of control and an ever-growing shortage of doctors to treat an aging population, it pays to know about methods of prevention and treatment for orthopedic problems that are low-cost and rely almost entirely on self-care. As certain methods of alternative medicine are shown to have real value, […]

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