A Tchotchke-Free Life ~ Love Remains

Wikipedia defines tchotchkes this way:

“Tchotchke (pronounced /ˈtʃɒtʃkə/ choch-ka [1][2][3][4][5]) are small toys, gewgaws, knickknacks, baubles, lagniappes, trinkets, or kitsch. The term has a connotation of worthlessness or disposability, as well as tackiness.”

I think back on the tchotchkes I collected as a small child, usually a souvenir from a loved one – my grandma or nana – that I treasured far more than its monetary value. It was from far, far away, from travels that I only dreamed of. My parents, very frugal children of the Great Depression, made sure that they saved for a rainy day. I, their impatient daughter, wanted what those tchotchkes represented: Adventure! Travel! Mystery! In a word, more tchotchkes (even though I didn’t think about it that way).

As I’ve grown up, and had some of those adventures, travel, and mystery, I realize that I am surrounded by tchotchkes. I have also tied my emotions to what they represent. My grandparents have long since passed away, as has my mother. My love for them has evolved in ways that both harken back to my childhood and my adulthood, struggling to hold onto a dream that has now imprisoned me in tchotchkes. I am fearful – of what, I can’t express – and afraid that letting go of these mementoes means I am turning my back on those people and memories. Hmmm… I have become a prisoner of gee gaws.

So as I ponder how to move forward in releasing these things, I realize that I don’t have to release my love or memories. I can take pictures of those things as I put them into donation baskets. My life is blossoming and unfolding from a new, still-trying-it-on-for-size vantage point.

I gird my loins (for battle?) and prepare to wade into the piles that have taken over the basement I plan to reclaim for peaceful serenity as it transitions into a yoga studio. As I reclaim my serenity. As I reclaim my freedom from things – love remains.

Love always remains.

Do we need tchotchkes to express our love? I have concluded that the answer is no. I think that possibly I needed this staring me in the face to understand that love withstands time. It doesn’t necessarily collect cobwebs or dust. It moves and flows as a living organism. Tchotchkes, on the other hand, are a snapshot in time, representing that loving heart. I decide to go within to embrace and honor those loving hearts who raised me, and release, release, release.

       Love always remains.  


Category : Blog &Yoga Posted on May 16, 2012

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